Glass and Steel

Glass and Steel

Steel and Glass Assemblies

Affan’s philosophy behind every project is the design and engineering.We currently employ over 16 Designers and Engineers, all with significant experience of working on complicated structures. Every project begins at tender stage where we use 3D modeling in Tekla to fully explore the project and understand its complexities.
At this stage we fully engineer our solutions so that we are able to present our findings to the Architect and Client and at the same time this allows us to completely assess the costs associated with delivering the completed project

From the point of award we will prepare our 3D models complete with full structural analysis and 2D shop drawings for approval by the Client’s team. Once approved, fabrication details will be taken directly from the 3D model allowing precise procurement and then a seamless transition into production and delivery to site.

All components are specifically tagged and numbered according to the relevant position in the structure and the associated installation drawing.

Affan has completed a variety of metal and glass assemblies including: